Rogue Elephant Studios was built by musician Pat O’Connell to serve as an avenue for his creative output. As the studio grew from its modest beginnings it also began recording other artists and outside projects as a means of sustaining itself and advancing its tech capability. The studio is located in Western New York and has produced Pat’s Albums as well as various rock, jazz, singer-songwriter, poetry, voice over talent and commercial projects. The studio prides itself not only as a recording facility with various platforms ( analogue and digital ) but merged with that is also access to a unique instrument collection that encompasses standard instruments (guitars, bass, keys drums), instruments from around the globe (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America), a vintage keyboard collection (Moog, Arp, Roland,), and an extensive percussion collection. This unique creative atmosphere allows the artists to explore possible new directions and inspirations in their music or recording projects. Feel free to contact us today regarding your project today. Whether you want to record your band, record a song (or album) you have written, have music written to your poetry or song lyrics, create a commercial or bring in existing tracks (on your platform or ours) for overdubs with instruments you don’t have access to on a regular basis we have done all this and more. You can contact the studio through the information on the tool bar above.

Rogue Elephant Studio’s partial equipment list:

1 Beringer Eurodesk 48 input mixer, 1 Mackie 1604 vlz mixer, 1 dell computer (running Cubase and acid), 3 Alesis Adat 8 trk recorders, Processing gear (ART, Korg, Alesis, Digitec, Beringer, Line 6), Mics (AKG,Sure, Audio Technica, Rode, etc).

Korg N364, Roland Juno 106, Moog Source, Moog opus 3, Moog rogue, Moog Minimoog, Arp Solina, Lowery organ, Orcoa organ, Casio synth, Yamaha Kx5 remote keyboard, Roland Guitar synth GR 33, ensonic mirage sampler, Akai s900 Sampler, Akai midi delay, Akai arpeggiator, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland JV 880, JB cooper merge and anatek sync, etc.

Guitars/Stringed instruments:
Alvarez – Yari double neck (6/12) Acoustic, Alvarez 6 str acoustic, Goya nylon string, Tenor guitar, Steinberger electric, Danelectro doubleneck(6/12) electric, Ibanez RG 570, Schecter 7 string, Lotus 4 string bass, Dean 8 string bass, Stagg fretless bass, Hondo 5 string banjo, lap steel, binda sitar, sarod, saraswati veena, pipa, howda, sarangi, tampura,kora, dulcimer,santur,dan bau, kemeche, ect.

Tama Grandstar 8 piece kit with full complement of Zildjian and Paiste cymbals DW hardware and pedals, Mapex Mars series 5 peice kit with Paiste and Zildjian cymbals, 1 set Roland Octapads with kick and ext triggers

Jenco Vibraphone, Ludwig Marimba, Toca congas, Djembe, Timbales, Tablas, Gong bass, Bell set, Balifon, concert toms, roto toms, talking drum, mini conga, pakowage, dhol, merenge drum, frame drums (assorted), wind chimes, gongs, cymbals, ice bells, elephant bells, rainsticks, toms (various), opera gong, etc.